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Mineral Robots

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Fertilizer and its raw materials. We cannot live without fertilizer.
It ensures that food is produced efficiently. At the moment about two billion people depend on the use of fertilizer for their food. 

The fertilizer world is not homogeneous. There are producers of raw materials, fertilizer granules and those who in turn blend these granules into a final product. The products can differ from sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid, ammonium nitrate and urea, potassium chloride and magnesium sulfate, to finally the NPK pellet. 

All these products must be analyzed for content and quality - Alsys International b.v.  has the right solution for this. 

For more than 20 years Alsys International b.v. has been specialized in building lab robots for sample preparation of raw materials and end products in the fertilizer industry.
Some of the operations include: 
• Autonomous assessment 
• From solid samples to liquid samples 
• Dissolving in water, both cold and boiled 
• Dissolving in acid 

If your method of preparation is not among these, Alsys International b.v. ensures it will be automated.
Because of our way of working, the Labsy 24/7 lab robot is also suitable for analyzing process waters and environmental samples. 

Alsys International b.v. also has the expertise to analyze the processed samples.
A selection of the options: 
• Titration and potentiometric determinations 
• Moisture analysis 
• Ion chromatography 
• ICP 
• Flow Injection 
• Spectrometry 
If your analysis technique is not among these, Alsys International b.v. specializes in integrating the most diverse analysis techniques. 
Quality assurance 
Reliable analysis results are the goal of automation for Alsys International b.v.
We have integrated various tech-niques to achieve this result, e.g.: 
• Each step is weighed 
• Control of sample preparation with reference samples 
• Automatic control of the analysis technique with reference samples 
• Automatic calibration of the analysers 

As a result of this intense quality assurance, the LABSY 24/7, has surpassed the quality of a human analyst.
The only concern would be a source of error in the laboratory. 

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Data processing 
Alsys International b.v.  takes care of the software from entering till the final results. All data is neatly placed in a SQL database. Alsys International b.v. also ensures that your data is linked to the LIMS and it supplies the hardware that connects to your IT system as well. 

Safety and environment 
After many years of development we have arrived at the 4th generation.
A selection of safety and environmental measures: 
• Sensors for water, air, electricity and data connection.
After an interruption, the Labsy 24/7 lab robot continues as usual. 
• If the Labsy 24/7 lab robot is running, it is not possible to approach the robot. There are both software and hardware built-in options to do this safely. 
• Corosive vapors are captured and safely removed. 
• The choice in analysis technology means that harmful chemicals are used as little as possible. 
• The Labsy 24/7 lab robot meets the most modern quality standards. 

After analysis, the current Labsy 24/7 lab robot cleans and dries the glassware by itself. This allows the robot to run for at least 4 days without the intervention of an analyst. Everything can be monitored by remote control if needed. 

The Labsy 24/7 lab robot takes over the routine work analyses of the laboratory. Therefore more time is available for more complex analyses. 
The Labsy 24/7 lab robot offers you the following: 
• An automated sample preparation 
• Perfectly integrated analysis techniques 
• Reliable analysis results 
• Modern data processing 
• A safe working environment 
• 4-day run without analyst 

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We are happy to inform you about the possibilities of an laboratory robot for your application.

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