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The Alsys RB-247 Lab Robot

The Alsys RB-247 laboratory automation robot takes care of the entire sample preparation in order to be able to analyze the fertilizer. All these pre-treatments are based on chemical processes. These processes have been optimized for 30 years to achieve results as quickly and reliably as possible in a compact robot cabinet. The advantage of the RB-247 is that the robot runs 24 hours 7 days a week and can therefore perform continuous checks. The robot is equipped with high-quality analysis equipment for quick and reliable results.


We have expanded our product range with our latest form of software. This software measures all raw materials in the sample, and notices how much of these raw materials is left after pre-processing. With linked data between the Factory and the Robot, Alsys International can save up to 1.5% to 2% on the purchasing costs of raw materials and energy.


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